Grocery List by BIPSNM

Now you can add things to your grocery list when you think of it instead of waiting to write it down and probably forget about it in between.
GROCERY LIST stays with you everywhere your phone goes and you'll have it on-hand once you're ready to go grocery shopping.
GROCERY LIST is efficient, providing one pass thru the store shopping and yet keeps it simple as 1,2,3.

1- Populate the ITEM LIST. Tap on MANAGE LIST button to add items to the ITEM LIST.
  (1)Tap the Item box, enter the item name, 
  (2)tap the Quantity box, enter the quantity desired, if the isle is known tap the Isle Location box, enter the isle and then
  (3)tap ADD NEW. The Quantity and Isle Location can be left blank to simply add an item to the ITEM LIST.
 	   If quantity is entered, the item is also put on the STORE LIST.
 	   The Isle Location can be entered when you select the item at the store.
2- Develop the STORE LIST. Tap ITEMS LIST button to include items on to the STORE LIST. (1)Tap on the item desired, (2)enter quantity desired and (3)tap UPDATE.
3- Deplete the STORE LIST. Tap STORE LIST button while at the store to see what is desired. (1)tap on the item name, (2)enter Isle Location if needed, (3)tap the CONFIRM button and continue shopping. The item will be removed from the STORE LIST, but remains on the ITEM LIST. TIP: To start you can go thru your pantry and enter items with MANAGE LIST without a quantity or isle, then the items will be ready on the ITEMS LIST. TIP: The isle location is very flexible. For instance, put the isle in for the items in your favorite store but include the store name with the isle for other stores. For isle 8 in the other store(Wild Oats), enter 'wild oats 8' or just 'wo 8'. Get creative while keeping it simple.